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ED4Jobs provides an extensive host of portable, mentor-supported eLearning and training content and wrap-around client services, including student assistance, certification, externship placement, accreditation, and e-commerce solutions.

Designed to sustain the needs of educational institutions and corporate organizations, our programs create the perfect learner-company cycle: honing students with high-quality content and clinical experience to enhance their employability, while connecting schools and corporate entities to well-matched candidates and leads, and helping them gain ground.

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ED4Jobs’ innovative services work in synchronicity to ensure a seamless process that benefits learners, educational institutions, and corporate organizations looking for highly competent human assets.


Expansive Content that Transforms Assets to Employees.

Collaborating with experts and certification bodies, we develop fully customizable course content that equip students with indispensable knowledge and practical skills to address labor needs in high-demand disciplines such as healthcare, business, computer science, and information technology.

Coupled with real-world experience from externships, this allows learners to pass national certification bodies and be ready to work in 6 months or less.

Students are granted 1-year access to programs, plus additional content at no extra cost to them, even after completion.


Marketing Solutions

Tap into your target audience with efficient marketing solutions, from savvy social media posts to newsletters and print ads.

Our marketing experts connect you with the local community through education- driven strategies that inform, engage, and convert.


Grant Application Assistance

Get the funding your institution needs with government grants. Our Team handles the entire application process on behalf of institutions, from crafting professional DoD letters and Powerpoint presentations to facilitating disbursements.

Successful outcomes, greater autonomy and capacity.


Lead Generation Solutions

Our tailor-fitted campaigns allow providers to permeate their education targets and accelerate enrollments.

Using a simple revenue share agreement, we apply powerful generation and conversion techniques to pinpoint, quantify, reach, and convert leads that impact your reach and bottomline.


Responsive Custom Storefronts with Built-in Payments

As a complementary offering for partners, ED4Jobs will craft a mobile-friendly, custom storefront to help direct potential enrollees, gather crucial data, and facilitate secure checkout. Choose from several professional templates to match your brand and link to your institution’s primary website.

Why Ed4Jobs

With a long history of excellence and proven service in education and workforce development, ED4Jobs remains as a preferred choice for academic institutions across the US, learners, and workforce entities.


Over 20,000 Student Dreams Transformed to Reality

Through the years ED4Jobs have built a solid network of partner colleges and universities. We successfully assisted more than 20,000 students and have the network, expertise, and capability to serve more.


Dedicated Pre and Post- Enrollment Support

Your business deserves care and attention. We employ seasoned career advisors who provide 24/7 support to students, from grant applications to post- enrollment inquiry and assistance. To make the process seamless, we also assign a dedicated account manager to oversee and guide institutions every step of the way, from pre- to post- enrollment.


Ease of Access

Our content offerings are fully online, accessible using any portable and desktop device, enabling learners to study from any location and time zone, giving institutions wider market coverage. We complement this with information gathering and enrollments via a dedicated online storefront for education partners - available 24/7, including tech support.


Dynamic Content

Always keeping a finger on the industry pulse, we keep abreast with industry-specific developments to keep all courses up-to-date. Whether it’s the latest in ICD-10 for Medical Coding, or fresh requirements for Business programs, you can rest easy knowing you are offering competitive content that keeps up with ever-changing times.


Access to Real Time Reporting

View student performance reports, current enrollments, and relevant payments in one quick glance from your dashboard.

View student performance reports, current enrollments, and relevant payments in one quick glance from your dashboard.


ED4Jobs offers both turnkey self-paced courses across in-demand disciplines, developed in partnership with institution and education experts.


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